When YOU SHARE Isagenix products with others, you can earn some really great bonuses. There are benefits to both Customers and Associates.


Everyone in Isagenix starts as a customer. You can be a retail customer, but a preferred customer gets a spot in the tree and orders direct from Isagenix at 25% off retail pricing. Those customers who elect to participate in the LifeStyle Rewards Program get an additional 5% off on all LR orders (auto ship). A customer can not earn income, but can earn Product Introduction Rewards coupons for referring new customers to Isagenix.


A Customer becomes an Associate by upgrading their account in their back office, agreeing to the terms, and paying a $29 Associate fee (waved with the purchase of a qualifying pack). Once an Associate, you will get an Associate website and be able to enroll both Customers and Associates. Now you can earn income as well as product coupons, prizes, incentives, trips, and more.

Bonuses Available to Customers & Associates

Retail Profits

Buy wholesale, sell retail, either directly or through your custom Isagenix replicate website.

Free Product

You can earn free Isagenix products by enrolling new customers each month on 100 BV.

Earn $10 – $150 on qualifying packs.

Bonuses paid on the initial order of all new members who purchase a qualifying pack or bundle.

$20 – $400 on qualifying packs

Earn DOUBLE the PIB when you enroll 2 or more members in the same commission week with any qualified pack or bundle.

Associate Bonuses

To be eligible to earn income in the Isagenix Compensation Plan you must first reach the title of Consultant. To become a Consultant you must SHARE with TWO members who become an Active Associate.

Cycle Bonuses
$54 per Cycle ($13,500 per week Max)

Cycle Bonuses are paid when your teams generate 900 BV in volume, with 300 BV coming from one team and 600 BV coming from the other team. Cycles are calculated daily, paid weekly, on up to 250 cycles each week.

Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB)
$50 Consultant Bonus

Become a Consultant by sponsoring two team members who purchase 100 BV or more in the same 30 day period. Or have a total of 100 BV in Customer volume from your right team and 100 BV in Customer Volume from your left team. You must also be active with a 100 BV personal order, or have 100 BV or more from retail customers ordering through your account.

Crystal Consultant Bonus
$50 (additional, total of $100)

Become a Consultant within 30 days of your Associate start date and earn an additional $50, for a total of $100.

5-Cycle RAB: $500

When your team has a single commission week with at least 1500 BV on one team and 3000 BV on the other team, you will cycle 5 times. You will be paid $54 X 5 on the Cycle Bonus, or $270. In addition to the Cycle Bonuses, you will earn a one-time RAB (Rank Advancement Bonus) of $500. $250 is paid the first time you reach 5 cycles in one week, another $250 is paid the second time you reach 5 cycles in one week.

Special Bonuses

Isagenix has special promotions throughout the year that rewards you in addition to the regular bonuses in the Isagenix Compensation Plan. To see current promotions go to https://isagenixbusiness.com/promotions

Now let’s see what you can earn when THEY SHARE