Isagenix 100 LB Club

Isagenix has been doing weight loss and body transformations since 2002. For those with significant weight loss goals, Isagenix has a 100 lb club. More than 400 members of the 100 lbs club have taken the weight off and kept it off. There are some members that have lost 200 lbs, 300 lbs, even 400 lbs! For those members Isagenix offers rewards such as free tickets to any Isagenix event so they can come and share their experience with others.

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Not everyone who does the IsaBody Challenge is looking for massive weight loss. Most people are looking to drop a few unwanted pounds and get into better shape. They are looking for better health, fitness, energy, sleep, pain relief, and so many other things that this Challenge has brought into their lives. Check out some of the IsaBody Challenge Success Stories below.

100 Pound Club Success Stories

400 LB Club Member Gains New Life

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