Starting Monday August 21st!

The $10K Relay ends Sunday August 20th and the $5K Relay begins and runs through the end of the year. That is an extra $20,000 that is up for grabs by all participating Isagenix Consultants.

Starting Monday August 21st all of your personally enrolled Associates who joined Isagenix on or after December 26th 2022 can help you earn shares in the $5K Relay.

4 PET is KEY!

Dates: August 21 – September 24

Now through the end of 2023, you can participate in the monthly $5k Relay pool and earn up to $20k!*

And we’ve simplified how the monthly pool works. Beginning August 21, we’ve removed the March 27 qualification requirement. This means that anyone you personally enrolled beginning December 26, 2022 can help you earn shares in the monthly pool.

1. How to Qualify 

Commission Month of September ( Aug 21 – Sept 24):

  • Enroll 3 new Customers with qualifying orders of 100 QV or more on Subscription Rewards
    • Earn a minimum of 20 shares 
    • 2 PET enrollments = 2 shares  
    • 3 PET enrollments = 3 shares 
    • 4 PET enrollments = 4 shares 
  • You must earn a minimum of 2 shares with a maximum of 8 shares from your 2 PET enrollments. The remaining 12 shares need to come from your 3 and/or 4 PET. 

The earning cap is US$5000. Your bonus is paid mid-October. 

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No Hurdles
Until December 31, 2023, the Associate fee is waived.^ Now, your new Associates can get started right away!

Additionally, all newly converted Associates receive a 10% off coupon they can share up to three times with their friends and family!


Q: Do Customer Referral Program leads count toward my three required enrollments?

Q: If I have a re-entry, are my accounts combined to play in the pool?

Q: Will there be reports in the Associate Back Office to view our progress in the pool?

Q: If a Preferred Customer signed up prior to Dec. 26, 2022, but converted to Associate AFTER Dec. 26, 2022, will they count as a qualifying 1PET enroller for the pool?

Q: Once I qualify for the pool, when will I get paid?

Q: Do I need shares in every category?

Q: Is there an enrollment cap on 3PET and 4PET enrollments?

Q: If an order is returned, will the shares be removed from my pool share total?

*Associates must qualify to participate in the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint by: (1) personally enrolling a minimum of 3 (3) new Preferred Customers or Associates to your 1PET; (2) help your personally enrolled Associates enroll at least one (1)Preferred Customer or Associate as your 2PET; and (3) collect at least 20 shares in the $10K Relay with 2 PET enrollments awarding 2 shares, 3PET enrollments awarding 3 shares, and 4PET enrollments awarding 4 shares. A maximum of 8 shares can be earned during the pool period in the 2PET enrollment points category. 

To qualify, enrollments of Preferred Customers or Associates must have 100 QV on their initial order and enroll in Subscription Rewards during the pool period, July commission month (June 26 – July 23, 2023) and the August commission month, (Aug 21 – Sept 24, 2023),11:59 p.m. ET. Enrollments must be unique and valid Preferred Customers or Associates, and Isagenix reserves the right to deem any enrollment void for purposes of the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint in the event Isagenix, in its sole discretion, determines that an enrollment is the product of fraud, manipulation, or deceit. Credit cards for orders in connection with enrollments may be used on a maximum of two accounts. Additional enrollments using the same payment method will not qualify as enrollments for the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint.  

The maximum amount an Associate can earn from the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint is $10,000, regardless of share value or how many shares that the Associate earned. Shares are valued and paid in USD.  

$10K Relay: 2nd Sprint is open to Isagenix Independent Associates in good standing in any country in which Isagenix lawfully operates. Isagenix may, in its sole discretion, disqualify any Associate from earning from the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint if that Associate is suspected of, under investigation for, or subject to any remedial action for, violating applicable Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, or other contract documents with Isagenix. Void where prohibited. Isagenix may modify or terminate the $10K Relay: 2nd Sprint at any time and for any reason. 

^Terms and conditions apply. US$29 Associate fee waived from April 13, 2023, 12 a.m. ET –December 31, 2023, 11:59 p.m. ET.