Collagen Elixir™ is a premium beauty and wellness  product with 5 grams of marine collagen peptides in every bottle sourced responsibly from wild-caught, Scandinavian marine collagen peptides launched in the U.S. on 1.8.20 exclusively through Isagenix.

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The skin you’re in was created to thrive, protect, and yes, even glow. It’s up to you to enhance it as time passes. Enjoy improved skin elasticity to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.† Enhanced collagen production for your skin equates to a fresh, dewy appearance while you protect it against damaging effects of photoaging.† The elixir does the work. All you have to do is show up and embrace your glow.

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Crafted from the best that science and nature have to offer

Marine collagen: It could be one of the ocean’s greatest gifts! It’s composed mostly of type I collagen, which is rich in key amino acids. These are the building blocks that support the body’s natural production of collagen. Your hair, skin, and nails — and other vital parts of the body — rely on them. And, it’s where you get that radiant natural glow from within.

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Collagen Elixir Ingredient Breakdown

Doing What’s Best for You and the Earth

The skin you’re in was created to thrive, protect, and yes, even glow. Over time, your body’s collagen production slows, resulting in fine lines and less elasticity. That’s where Collagen Elixir comes in. Our collagen is made with marine peptides from responsibly caught cod and pollock sourced from the Scandinavian seas. That makes our Collagen Elixir effective and environmentally focused.

It’s all about keeping nature beautiful, just like you:

Following practices of the Norwegian fishing industry, we take care to protect the ocean. By using collagen with Marine Stewardship Council certification, we help ensure marine resources are protected and work to eliminate overfishing.

100% recyclable, these little impermeable glass bottles are not just pretty to look at. They help keep the elixir fresh with no artificial preservatives — that’s less unnecessary waste for you and the Earth.

Manufactured in a carbon neutral facility with a partner that has a vision to eliminate plastic in our world’s waterways and aid in the conservation of ocean wildlife.


A single box of collagen comes with 10 individual servings. The Beauty Afterglow bundle is a 30 day supply for two people. The beauty bundle is a 30 day supply for one person with 10 extra vials to share. Customers who refer other customers can earn product coupons good toward their next order. Associates can earn free product and commissions for using and sharing Isagenix products.

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