The first thing you want to do is help your friends get their products for free. They can do that when THEY Share. This is where the magic happens in the Isagenix Compensation Plan.

When YOU Share with TWO members who become Consultants, you become a Manager.

Consultant Development Bonus

Earn a $100 Consultant Development Bonus every time you help one of your personally enrolled team members become a Consultant. You will earn this bonus on the first 20 Consultants you develop.

Crystal Manager Bonus

When you help 2 of your personally enrolled team members become a Consultant (who are all active and qualified at the same time) you become a Manager. If you become a Manager within 60 days of your Associate start date, you become a Crystal Manager and earn a $250 bonus (in addition to the Consultant Development Bonuses you have already earned).

Manager Leadership Pool
Up to $1000 a month for up to 3 months

Managers can earn a share in the Manager Pool for up to 3 consecutive months, starting from the 1st month you qualify. To qualify for your share of the Manager Pool you need to be an Active Paid-As-Manager and earn at least ONE point in all four categories using the Leader In Action Formula.

For all of the details on our Leader In Action program go to

1-Star RAB

When you are a Paid-As Manager and Cycle 10 times in a week you are paid $500. The next time you cycle 10 times in one week you will be paid an additional $500.

Now lets see what you can earn when you REPEAT