Welcome to our Isagenix Family! This page provides turn-by-turn directions for a new member of Isagenix to understand the path from the time they first enroll as a customer to becoming a Platinum Executive and Living the Life of their Dreams.

First things First. Make sure you complete the New Member Checklist with your Sponsor within your First 48 Hours.

New Member Checklist

Developing Your Why

Share Your Story “The Right Way”


Everyone in Isagenix starts as a customer. You can be a retail customer, but a preferred customer gets a spot in the tree and orders direct from Isagenix at 25% off retail pricing. Those customers who elect to participate in the LifeStyle Rewards program get an additional 5% off on all LR orders. A customer can not earn income, but can earn Product Introduction Rewards coupons for referring new customers to Isagenix.


A customer becomes an associate by upgrading their account in their back office, agreeing to the terms, and paying a $29 Associate fee (waved with the purchase of a qualifying pack). Once an associate, you will get an Associate website and be able to enroll both customers and associates. Now you can earn income as well as product coupons, prizes, incentives, trips, and more.


PRODUCT INTRODUCTION BONUS (PIB) An Active Associate can earn Product Introduction Bonuses when enrolling new customers and Associates. To be Active you need 100 BV in personal volume which can come from your own purchases, or from your retail customers combined volume. But the real money begins at Consultant.

DOUBLE PIB: When you enroll two or more members in the same commission week with an eligible pack, you can earn a Double PIB Bonus.

TEAM BUILDERS CLUB: you can earn free Isagenix products by enrolling new customers each month on 100 BV.


Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)Associate Training
Double PIBProduct Training
Team Builders ClubIncome Producing Activities Training
How to Connect
Compensation Plan TrainingHosting a Meeting
Map to Crystal ExecutiveIsaLife Success Plan
90-Day Action Plan
You Share, They Share, RepeatWhy Isagenix: Opportunity Presentation
You Share, They Share, Repeat ScriptPresentation Deck Template


The Consultant is the building block of the Isagenix compensation plan. A Consultant is eligible to earn Product Introduction Bonuses as well as Team Commissions.

To become a Consultant you need to first be an Active Associate. Then YOU SHARE Isagenix products with two or more people who become Customers or Associates. You place one member on the Right Team, and the other member on your Left Team. You need 100 BV coming from each team through your personally enrolled members. This volume can come from a single Associate, or cumulative volume coming from multiple customers.


Team Commissions: are earned everything you CYCLE. A cycle is when you are accumulated 900 BV from your team, with 300 BV coming from the lesser leg, and 600 BV coming from your greater leg. The volume is then deducted and you are paid a $54 Cycle Bonus. A Consultant can Cycle up to 250 X per week! That would be $13,500 in Team Commissions earned.

Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB). If you become a Consultant within 30 days you earn a $50 RAB.

Crystal Consultant Bonus: If you reach Consultant within 30 days of your Associate date, you become a Crystal Consultant and earn an additional $50, or a total of $100.

Consultant Development Bonus: As a Consultant or above you can earn a $100 Consultant Development Bonus for every personally enrolled member who becomes a Consultant (up to 20).

5-Cycle RAB: $500 – When you are a Paid-As Consultant and Cycle 5 times in a week you are paid $250. The next time you cycle 5 times in one week you will be paid an additional $250.


All of the Above PLUSConsultant Training
Crystal Consultant BonusEnrolling Your First Customers


The Manager is the first leadership position in the Compensation Plan. You become a Manager when you are an Active Paid As Consultant and develop TWO personally enrolled Consultants. YOU SHARE, THEY SHARE.

Once you become a Manager make sure you register with Isagenix PathWithaPurpose so that you will be sure to receive all of the recognition gifts that Isagenix has in store for you.


Crystal Manager Bonus: In addition to PIB, Double PIB, and Team Commissions, you can earn a $750 Crystal Manager Bonus if you reach Manager within 60 days of becoming an Associate.

Manager Leadership Pool: Qualified Managers can participate in the Manager Leadership Pool for three consecutive months.

1-Star RAB: $1,000 – When you are a Paid-As Manager and Cycle 10 times in a week you are paid $500. The next time you cycle 10 times in one week you will be paid an additional $500.

All of the Above PLUSManager Training
Crystal Manager BonusLeader in Action
Manager Leadership PoolPath with a Purpose


You become a Director when you have developed SIX personally enrolled Consultants. YOU SHARE, THEY SHARE, REPEAT (X 3).


CRYSTAL DIRECTOR BONUS: If you reach Director within 120 days of becoming an Isagenix Associate you can earn a $750 Crystal Director Bonus.

DIRECTOR LEADERSHIP POOL: Qualified Directors can participate in the Director Leadership Pool for three consecutive months.

2-Star RAB: $2,000 – When you are a Paid-As Director and Cycle 20 times in a week you are paid $1,000. The next time you cycle 20 times in one week you will be paid an additional $1,000.

All of the Above PLUSDirector Training
Crystal Director Bonus90-Day Action Plan
Director Leadership Pool


You become an Executive when you have developed TEN personally enrolled Consultants, with a minimum of FIVE Consultants on each team. YOU SHARE, THEY SHARE, REPEAT (X 5).


Crystal Executive Bonus: If you reach Executive within 180 days of becoming an Isagenix Associate you can earn a $1,000 Crystal Executive Bonus.

Executive Lifestyle Bonus: You can earn a $750 Executive Lifestyle Bonus starting the commission month following the month you become an Executive. You just need to be a Paid as Executive every day of the commission month and enroll two new customers with 100 BV or more. If you do this three months in a row you will earn an additional $1,000!

10% Executive Matching Team Bonus Cycles: Active Paid-As Executives can earn an additional 10% on the weekly Team bonus income of all Personally Enrolled Paid-As Consultants, Managers, Directors, and Executives. This bonus is calculated daily and paid weekly. You can earn up to an additional 250 cycles per week.

3 Star Golden Circle Bonus

All of the Above PLUSExecutive Training
Executive Lifestyle Bonus


When you have been Paid-As Executive for 3 consecutive months and have an average of 225 Cycles per week over a 13 week period, you are eligible to apply for a new business center, which is placed ABOVE your existing business center. This gives you the ability to earn up to 250 additional cycles per week by building only one additional leg with 1/3 of the volume.


Additional Business Center: Increase your income up to 200% with 33% additional effort.

Platinum Training
Platinum Handbook