Ask Google or Siri “What is the most nutritional plant on Earth?” And they both agree, it is Moringa. Learn more about this powerful botanical, and how it inspired a visionary man to start a natural health revolution by bringing Moringa products to market in 2007.

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(Moringa documentary and Moringa products)

Now let’s talk about the products.

Shake things up with Moringa products available in easy-to-open packets that you can add to water for a dose of pure nutrition – even on the go! Our Moringa comes in three different formulas.

XM+: Moringa plus added ingredients for energy, mental acuity, and lean body mass.

SmartMix: Moringa plus added ingredients for digestive health and detoxification.

SuperMix: Packed with even more Moringa than SmartMix or XM+ so you’ll get an extra boost of 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.