This powerful tool created by your Power Players Team Leaders has evolved over the years. But one thing hasn’t changed, it is still the only app with powerful resources to share Xango Juice and Mangosteen product science and experiences.

Our tool has changed names over the years, from Xango University, through MyMoringa, and now has a new name that will stand the test of time.

MyPowerSystem, powered by RapidFunnel, is available in an app for Android and IOS as well as a desktop version that is both Mac and PC friendly.



  • Load an unlimited number of contacts
  • Company approved resources you can instantly text, email or send via social media
  • Power Players Product and Team specific resources that you can’t find in any other Isagenix app
  • Campaigns demographically targeted to different prospects and interests
  • Hot Prospects Tracking
  • Contact Engagement Tracking
  • Access to preloaded “call to action” webinars
  • Access to predesigned capture pages for personal use
  • Personalized video viewing pages that link directly to your own personalized website.
  • Receive email notifications about contacts’ activities
  • Comprehensive activity log with detailed contact activity history
  • Friendly competition with your team
  • Contests, Incentives, Gamification
  • Upgraded Support

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