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9-Day Shred

Customized program to reset your health. The shred focuses on targeting toxicity, nourishing your body, resetting your health, managing stress, releasing inflammation, and increasing natural energy.

  • Customized Nutrition and Cleansing System
  • Daily Coaching
  • Daily Workout Challenges
  • Community and Accountability
  • Results or your Money Back

This is our most popular “mini” IsaBody program. Shreds start every other Monday. You can do just one shred, continue to do them “as needed”, do them back to back, use as a spring-board to a 16 week IsBody Challenge, or use as maintenance after getting to your goal weight.

To get started on a 9-day shred, purchase the 9-day deep cleansing system

Here is what your 9-Day Shred will look like.

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11-Day Super Shred

If you need to drop a size or two in a short period of time and you are up to the challenge, you can turn a 9-day shred into an 11-day super shred by doing 2 cleanse days back to back two weeks in a row. Isagenix recommends you do not do more than 4 cleanse days in a month so if you do a Super Shred, you need to take it easy the rest of the month before starting another shred or a challenge.

IsaBody Challenge

What Is the IsaBody Challenge?

You’ll leave this program a better person than when you started. Plus, you’ll receive a coupon code for up to US$200 of Isagenix products when you successfully complete your IsaBody Challenge and the chance to win a share of more than US$1 million in money, prizes, and trips! You’re already using the Isagenix products, so why not take advantage of the IsaBody Challenge?

All IsaBody Participants who complete the Challenge will receive the $200 Product Coupon good for any Isagenix Products you choose as well as a special IsaBody T-shirt. Those who choose to participate in the Global Competition for a chance to win money, prizes, trips, and more will also complete an essay and may also require additional maintenance photos depending on when you start your 16-Week Challenge.

NOTE: You can start a Challenge at any time. Your start date will determine which Judging period you fall into. You may join back-to-back Challenges, but may participate in only one Challenge at a time.

CLICK HERE for the Official Rules.

How Do I Start and Complete the IsaBody Challenge?

It’s easy to start an IsaBody Challenge! Register in the IsaLife™ app or in your Back Office or contact the person who introduced you to Isagenix.



IsaBody Fitness

  • Step-by-Step Fitness Program
  • New Program Every Month
  • Work Out Anytime, Anywhere
  • Start Working Toward Your Goals Today



Deep Cleansing Program (Perfect for the 9-Day Shred or 11-Day Super Shred)

Most people who do the 9-Day Shred or 11-Day Super Shred are so impressed with the results they get they want to try a 30-Day System. And for those who have a significant amount of weight to lose, they often go for the 16-Week Body Challenge. These packs come with enough product to replace 2 meals a day as well as provide nutritional, metabolic, and cleansing support for 30 days. The bigger the pack the more additional products you get (such as yummy snacks, chocolate, a blender, and more) and of course much bigger savings.

RECLAIM with the Weight Loss Value Pack

TRANSFORM with the Weight Loss Premium Pack

REVIVE with the Weight Loss Basic Pack

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BedTime Belly Buster (add this to any of the weight loss packs to help you sleep better and burn fat as well as boost your metabolic rate and satisfy those late-night cravings).


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Shredders and Challengers share personal experiences, best practices, recipes, and so much more in our community FB group.


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