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Expanding your network

As an Associate, you’ve probably met Influencers, Micro-Influencers, or Affiliate Marketers who command a solid social following. When they post, people try. Maybe you’ve had conversations with established Health or Beauty Professionals. What they recommend, people buy. Or, you have Associates on your team who are big enrollers, but building a team may not be the right fit for them.

Brand Partner is simply a different way for people to share Isagenix products and earn commissions for doing so. This program allows you to reach people where they’re at and is designed to give you a new way to grow your income and organization.

Keeping it simple

Brand Partners who join Isagenix are looking for simplicity, quality products, and generous commissions. Isagenix combined the best of what affiliate models offer with our clinically proven products to create a program unlike any other.

  • Generous Commissions
    The ability to earn up to 35% in commissions each week
  • No Sign-Up Fee
    A quick, easy, no-fee, no-purchase-required sign-up
  • No Quotas
    No sales, social posting, or numbers-based quotas
  • Commissions on Every Order
    Earn commissions on every order, whether it’s order one or ten—earn every time
  • Shareable Content
    Free social media guide with a library of shareable content
  • Share Across Borders
    Earning potential in our global markets (excluding Japan and Mexico)

Why Brand Partner

We developed the Brand Partner opportunity for three primary reasons:

Commerce Evolution
The world’s economic landscape is evolving. Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and top brands are adopting affiliate programs, with “health and wellness” being the most successful.

Sphere of Influence
The extended Isagenix community is full of people who love our products and are open to sharing and earning without worrying about building a team. In fact, they’re probably on your radar already.

Worldwide Wellbeing
The world needs greater wellbeing. The Isagenix Brand Partner opportunity is available in any country Isagenix is open for business, with the exceptions of Japan and Mexico.

Who do you know?

We’ve created our Brand Partner opportunity for those who love social media and those who have a circle of influence around them—whether in their community, in their career, or in the world of wellness.

The global influencer market size has more than doubled since 2019 and is currently valued at a record $16.4 Billion U.S. dollars. – Source: Statista



  • Link
    Create personalized, trackable links to any product (single items or packs/collections).
  • Share
    Share the link with potential Customers on social media, in emails, or within blogs.
  • Earn
    Earn commission whenever someone purchases from one of your links.

Let’s walk through this

Here’s a high-level view of a Brand Partner’s journey with Isagenix.

Hello, competitive pay

Brand Partners can earn up to 35% commission per month on both new and repeat orders. This is highly competitive in the growing affiliate space.

Month-end bonuses

At the end of every Commission Month, we take the highest Commission Level achieved by the Brand Partner, recalculate their lower weekly Commission Levels, and pay the difference through a month-end bonus. This helps keep our Brand Partners motivated regardless of the date on the calendar!

The Customer experience

When a person clicks on a Brand Partner link, they are directed to the Product Description Page (PDP) for the product shared. Like any others who purchase from Isagenix, Customers purchasing from Brand Partner links can choose from three checkout options:

  • Create a Preferred Customer account and join with Subscription Rewards*
  • Create a Preferred Customer account*
  • Purchase as a Guest and pay retail prices

Whatever they choose, commissions for Brand Partners remain the same.

*Anyone who creates a Customer account from a Brand Partner link will automatically be placed on the Brand Partner’s outside leg.

According to Google Trends, interest in Affiliate Marketing increased 300% in the last five years. – Source: Google Trends


Complementing your business

Start thinking about who you may know that would love to earn income just by sharing a link.

There are five ways the Brand Partner opportunity complements your existing business
and works within your organization when you personally enroll Brand Partners.

  • Business Volume
    Earn 100% BV on purchases from your personally enrolled Brand Partners and their customers. Team Members upline from the Brand Partner benefit as well, with 30% Business Volume flowing up the organization.
  • Qualify for Promotions
    Each month, Brand Partners can qualify as Paid-As Consultants for 30 days immediately after hitting Commission Level 2 (15% Commission Rate). This contributes to your rank status. Plus, the first time they reach this commission level, you get two Leader in Action points and a Consultant Development Bonus.*
  • Team Growth
    This is a new opportunity for you to increase the size and contribution of your team with Influencers, Affiliate Marketers, and Health Professionals looking for a simplified earning opportunity.
  • Bonus Earnings
    Earn Product Introductory Bonuses (PIB) when your Brand Partner places their first order.
  • Unlimited Enrollments
    Any Associate can invite Brand Partners, and any Associate can enroll an unlimited number of Brand Partners.*Limited to the first 20 Consultants developed.

What your placement tree would look like

While your placement tree and team reports won’t display detailed contact information on Brand Partners (Gray) or their Customers (Yellow) for privacy reasons, you will see all their Business Volume amounts and where they appear in your organization.

How the Volume flows

Brand Partners and their Customers don’t accumulate Business Volume themselves, but they send volume flowing up to you, their Enrolling Sponsor, at 100% and to your organization at 30%. And remember, these volume amounts only apply to purchases through the Brand Partner channel. So, BV from your existing customers won’t be affected. Let’s see how this works…

“As a health professional, I know our Isagenix products are high-quality and very effective in helping people reach their optimum health goals. The fact is many professionals want to share our products but are not interested in the network marketing approach. Now, we have the perfect solution. Simply share and link. I am very excited for our future and Brand Partner!”  -Dr. Noreen Ziegler, DVM, CNC, US 



To share the opportunity as we race to 1,000 new Brand Partners, check out these assets created especially for the Pilot Expansion.



Now that you know all about Brand Partner, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to participate in the Pilot Expansion. If you are open to an additional way to grow your business, don’t hesitate, and sign up below!

Joining the Pilot Expansion will allow you to:

  • Invite new Brand Partners to join your team
  • Give direct feedback to help improve this program before it launches
  • Share your own Brand Partner links

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