Qualify for Manager, by being a Paid-As Consultant with at least two Personally Enrolled Associates who are Paid-As Consultants at the same time within the prior 30 days. You can earn a US$100 “Consultant Creation Bonus” for each new Personally Enrolled Consultant! Plus, you’ll receive a custom Path With Purpose baseball hat.

Crystal Manager

If you achieve Manager within 60 days of becoming an Associate, you can become Crystal Manager. Crystal Managers receive a US$250 Rank Advancement Bonus! Plus, you’ll receive a custom Path with Purpose baseball hat.

Did you know? An average Crystal Manager develops 1 Consultant for every 5.2 enrollments.*

November Rank Advancements

Debbie Phillips11/21/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Claudia Thomas11/19/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Dustan Jackson11/2/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Holli Campbell11/1/202-Star Silver Circle, ManagerIAUSA
Ashlee Hobson10/28/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Joshua Thomas10/28/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Jason Allen10/27/20Crystal ManagerUTUSA
Daniel Turner11/28/20ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
Jesse Mellema10/28/20Crystal ManagerNLThe Netherlands
Daisy Bahnerth10/27/20ManagerPT-15The Netherlands
Josefina Arias11/15/201-Star Silver Circle, ManagerLUSwitzerland
Innocent Barangeza10/29/20Crystal ManagerVSSwitzerland
Andrea Loor11/22/20Crystal ManagerTFSpain
Silvia Larre Arrieta11/21/20ManagerDFMexico
Alejandra Cruz11/15/20Crystal ManagerCOAHMexico
Sergioa Mondragon11/9/20Crystal ManagerDFMexico
Karen Leal10/29/20Crystal ManagerDFMexico
Dante Ferrato11/20/20Crystal ManagerCSItaly
Frank Bertelsmeier10/31/20ManagerNWGermany
Annie Doom11/12/20ManagerVWVBelgium


Beverly Thomas8/16/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerIL
Kathryn Sloan8/16/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerUT
Nancy A Barr7/13/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerCA
Steve M Hall 7/31/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerFL
Karen Veverka7/20/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerOH
Armando DeGuzman MD 7/19/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerAZ
Kathi Henline 7/14/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerUT
Scott Alan Fishburn7/14/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerCO   
Gina Jurewicz 7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerIL
Holli M Campbell7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerIA
Janelle Crane7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerMI
Sherry Sanford7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerNV
Justin Ainsworth8/3/20ManagerUT
One by One Network Inc.7/17/20ManagerUT
Anna M Caleca7/14/20ManagerMI
Joe Defina7/14/20ManagerWA
Laurie Walters7/14/20ManagerFL
Marlene Legaspi Balingit 7/14/20ManagerCA
Rose Torres Labayen7/14/20ManagerFL
William Jones7/14/20ManagerME
Andreas Hummel 7/13/20ManagerCA
Bald Eagle Reserve Inc.7/13/20ManagerCA
Carol McNulty-Huffman 7/13/20ManagerHI
Edward A. Hummel7/13/20ManagerCA


Carmen Amado da Fonseca8/16/201-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
Shahdae Gould7/26/201-Star Silver Circle,  DirectorWAAustralia
bv Labelle 7/24/201-Star Silver Circle,  DirectorVOVBelgium
Justin P. Goodrich8/27/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerBCCanada
Klaus Syrovatka8/15/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerAT-9Austria
Edgar Andres Galvez Herrera8/5/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerMEXMexico
Damian McVeigh7/14/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerVICAustralia
Ken and Alison Baxter7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerVICAustralia
Peter Klenner7/13/201-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerAT-1Austria
Priska Portmann9/1/202-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal DirectorLUSwitzerland
Meghan Lichtinghagen7/19/202-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal DirectorAGSwitzerland
Martina Klenner-Kuso9/8/202-Star Silver Circle,  DirectorAT-3Austria
Luc Meiresonne8/14/202-Star Silver Circle,  DirectorVOVBelgium
Rodrigo Villegas Villa7/23/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerDFMexico
Joao Maria Ludovino7/13/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerPT-17Portugal
Mikaela Flowers7/13/202-Star Silver Circle,  ManagerVICAustralia
Alfonso Aguilar Zamborino9/11/20Crystal ManagerTFSpain
Anabela Pereira 9/11/20Crystal ManagerPT-11Portugal
Gillian Bendanon9/10/20Crystal ManagerNLThe Netherlands
Margherita Freddoneve8/27/20Crystal ManagerPGItaly
Emma Apanui8/18/20Crystal ManagerNZNew Zealand
Courtney Silivaai8/13/20Crystal ManagerVICAustralia
Carl Chong-Nee8/11/20Crystal ManagerWAAustralia
EDGARD  SAAD8/9/20Crystal ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
DEANNE Pinheiro8/8/20Crystal ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
SANDRA REBELO8/8/20Crystal ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
Eszter Barcsanics8/6/20Crystal ManagerONCanada
Naomi Kebbell7/31/20Crystal ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
Maria Rita Marino7/30/20Crystal ManagerPAItaly
Rose Forouz Zahraei 7/25/20Crystal ManagerONCanada
John Makiha 7/24/20Crystal ManagerQLDAustralia
Lavenia Taotu7/22/20Crystal ManagerNSWAustralia
Tokoahu Hiakita 7/15/20Crystal ManagerQLDAustralia
Jennifer Schmetzer7/14/20Crystal ManagerNWGermany
Chris Baker7/13/20Crystal ManagerQLDAustralia
Fabrizio Battista9/11/20ManagerNWGermany
Rawinia Elsmore9/3/20ManagerQLDAustralia
Ralf Kubitschek8/26/20ManagerBWGermany
Sandra Zalma Zalcman8/25/20ManagerTFSpain
Tilo Maria Pfefferkorn8/24/20ManagerHHGermany
Tania Eli8/23/20ManagerWAAustralia
Marcel Daut8/21/20ManagerSHGermany
Josefina Arias 8/19/20ManagerLUSwitzerland
Maarit Rantakupari8/17/20ManagerFI-10Finland
Vita Maria Gigant8/17/20ManagerTPItaly
Paula Rongo-Apanui 8/13/20ManagerNZNew Zealand
Martin Buchwald8/7/20ManagerBYThe Netherlands
Stefaan Devogelaere8/3/20ManagerVWVBelgium
Michael Jungwirth7/30/20ManagerNWGermany
Heike Zappe7/23/20ManagerBEGermany
Eszter Barcsanics7/22/20ManagerONCanada
Marlena Gould7/20/20ManagerWAAustralia
Olga Rodriguez Rodriguez 7/17/20ManagerTFSpain
Pedro Acosta Ferreiro7/17/20ManagerTFSpain
Ramon Nieves7/17/20ManagerTFSpain
Tureiti Tahana 7/17/20ManagerQLDAustralia
Arron Dickson7/14/20ManagerGBUnited Kingdom
Edward Jackson7/14/20ManagerWAAustralia
Emely Pattyn7/14/20ManagerVWVBelgium
Regina Koenig 7/14/20ManagerBYGermany
Taimamao Togagae7/14/20ManagerWAAustralia
Amber Delosreyes7/13/20ManagerWAAustralia
Eddy Meyfroot7/13/20ManagerVWVBelgium
Freddy Decloedt7/13/20ManagerVWVBelgium
Martha Cooper7/13/20ManagerBCCanada
Mauricio Ramírez Márquez7/13/20ManagerDFMexico
Melita Gill7/13/20ManagerVICAustralia
Natalie Baxter7/13/20ManagerVICAustralia
Petra Rehnström 7/13/20ManagerTSweden
S & L Andrushko (andrushkosl)7/13/20ManagerBCCanada
Steven F Cook 7/13/20ManagerONCanada

*Information provided for reference purposes only. Isagenix Independent Associates earn compensation based on sales volume are not required to enroll or develop any number of Consultants to be eligible to participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan. Based on lifetime statistics for all Isagenix Independent Associates across all markets whose highest recognition rank achieved is Manager. Calculated by comparing the total number of enrolled customers that achieved a recognition rank of Consultant or above compared to the total number of enrolled customers over the lifetime of each account. Customers that did not create an account or did not purchase membership with Isagenix are not included in this calculation. Requirements to achieve Manager recognition status may vary by country. Information accurate as of February 4, 2019.