To become a Director, you must be a Paid-As Consultant with at least six Personally Enrolled Associates who are Paid-As Consultants at the same time within the prior 30 days. Plus, you get a lightweight, fitted athletic T-shirt!

Did you know? An average Director develops 1 Consultant for every 4.7 enrollments.*

Crystal Director

To become a Crystal Director, you must achieve Director within 120 days of enrollment as an Associate. Crystal Directors receive a US$750 Rank Advancement Bonus! Plus, you get a lightweight, fitted athletic T-shirt!

November Rank Advancements

Tanja Kubitschek11/1/202-Star Silver Circle, Crystal DirectorBWGermany
Gaetano Lazzara 11/10/20Crystal DirectorTPItaly
Karine Antille11/1/202-Star Silver Circle, Crystal DirectorVSSwitzerland
David Sayers10/27/20DirectorGBUnited Kingdom


Jeff and Shirley Thorne8/6/203-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal DirectorCA
Jeff and Shirley Thorne 7/22/203-Star Silver Circle,  DirectorCA
Tom and Carol Ferrier9/8/202-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal DirectorUT
Sandi and Ed Cohen9/8/202-Star Silver Circle,  Crystal DirectorNV


Ghislaine Moreau7/13/20Crystal DirectorBSpain
ursula bozio-made7/14/20Crystal DirectorFR-73France
Catherine Montesinos7/14/20Crystal DirectorFR-74France
Nadege Bertin7/14/20Crystal DirectorFR-44France
Goncalo Luis Rodrigues7/14/20Crystal DirectorPT-18Portugal
Taimamao Togagae7/22/20Crystal DirectorWAAustralia
Cynthia Pinheiro8/21/20Crystal DirectorGBUnited Kingdom
Emely Pattyn9/9/20Crystal DirectorVWVBelgium
Ramon Nieves9/9/20Crystal DirectorTFSpain
Shahdae Gould7/15/20DirectorWAAustralia
Alberto Ademir Mendoza Vega7/27/20DirectorMEXMexico
Gaetano Lazzara 8/3/20DirectorTPItaly
Olga Rodriguez Rodriguez9/9/20DirectorTFSpain

*Information provided for reference purposes only. Isagenix Independent Associates earn compensation based on sales volume are not required to enroll or develop any number of Consultants to be eligible to participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan. Based on lifetime statistics for all Isagenix Independent Associates across all markets whose highest recognition rank achieved is Manager. Calculated by comparing the total number of enrolled customers that achieved a recognition rank of Consultant or above compared to the total number of enrolled customers over the lifetime of each account. Customers that did not create an account or did not purchase membership with Isagenix are not included in this calculation. Requirements to achieve Manager recognition status may vary by country. Information accurate as of February 4, 2019.