What is happening in Isagenix and with your Power Players team? Stay up-to-date and In The Know by checking this page first. We will post everything new from the past 30 days before categorizing and moving the content to the other pages.


Your Power Players Team Leaders host many great calls each month to educate and present the Isagenix business and products. Here you will find our calendar of future events and recordings of past events.


Our customer product catalogue has the new collagen and all of the Xango and Zija products. Share with a friend, download or print.


Our new Collagen Elixir launched 1.8.21. Make sure you educate yourself and your teams on this incredible product and get your customers lined up and ready to order at launch.

Leaders in the Loop

Each week Isagenix sends our a weekly email to all leaders to keep them “in the loop” of all current events, products, and promotions. Not on that email list yet? Looking for something you missed? No worries. We have you covered here. Check out our Leaders in the Loop page and get caught up.


We have created a special page just for leaders to share the Isagenix leadership calls. Isagenix shares important information with their leaders through their global Directors and Above call, Executives and Above call, Top 100 Income Earners calls, and more. As soon as we are allowed to share that information with you we post it here on our Leaders page. You may share this content with your leaders one on one, but please don’t post what you find on this page through Social Media.