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This page will be updated constantly over the next few days and weeks as we provide information and updates about this transition. Every piece of news and importance that we find on any site, email, FB, etc. will be shared on this page so you can have one place to keep updated. Make sure you check back here often.

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All of our Zoom and FB live video recordings are on our Isagenix Playlist on our YouTube Channel. We have put together a page with all of the videos as well as great video playlists from the Isagenix YouTube Channel. Tune into live events and if you miss anything, you can always find the recordings on our YouTube Channel. Check out the videos below.

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Zija is now part of the Isagenix family. Unlike our last transition, this will happen slowly, over the next few weeks. For now, it is business as usual at Zija. We will still order our products from our back office and continue to get paid the same way. We will begin to get educated on Isagenix products, comp plan, systems, tools, training, management team, events, etc. All that will occur before the switch is pulled and we become part of the Isagenix tree and use the Isagenix back office.

We have a familiar face at Isagenix. Dr. Plant went to the Isagenix family last year and has been busy reformulating products and helping them with product development and education. As we begin to merge our Zija family we will find that we end up with incredible corporate and field leadership as well as top quality products and experiences.

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Learn More: https://www.isagenix.com/zija

Read a Special Message from Ken Brailsford: CLICK HERE

Zija to Isagenix YouTube Video Playlist

Isogenix Wealth Creation Video Playlist

P.S. We will be doing an Isagenix Compensation Plan soon on our Social Saturday Training Webinars. But know this, Isagenix is a 1/3 2/3 binary payout, which simply means, every Zija distributor will be earning more in team commissions. Details to follow. In the meantime, download the compensation plan document and learn more.