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What You Need to Know This Week

By now, you’re in a groove at home, conducting team calls and business training sessions. To avoid monotony in your day, we put together these tips to help you stay healthy, focused, and sane.

1. Build a healthy working environment. 
Set aside a space only for working, which sadly means working from your bed is not encouraged. (But if the mood fits, who are we to judge?)
2. Set guidelines, manage time, and maximize productivity.
Start and stop work at the same time each day, and be sure to keep a routine sleep schedule. Creating a to-do list to quickly check off what you’ve done throughout the day can be extremely sati
3. Invest in your physical health.
Healthy eating and exercise are the keys to success in not losing your mind while working from home. Pro tip: Some exercise is better than none. If you can only get 15 minutes at a time, do it. You’ll be so glad you did!
4. Prioritize your mental health.
Along with eating right and exercising, keeping in touch with friends and family is a super beneficial way to avoid feeling isolated. Regularly checking in with teammates and colleagues can be a great way to stay positive. A quick video call or phone chat can help chase the isolation blues away.
5. Don’t get derailed by distractions.
Treat your home office exactly like you would treat an on-site office. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t do this at work, don’t do it at home.
For continued company updates related to COVID-19, watch for posts from Travis Ogden, Isagenix chief executive officer, in the Zija Champions Facebook group.

Please continue to avoid any product or business claims pertaining to COVID-19. Click here to view our compliance guidelines and reminders. 
We all love new products that make our lives better. Luckily, we have a bunch just for you! Don’t forget to check out all the Isagenix products we’ve recently added to the catalog, and be sure to add some to your next order. 
We’ve created a list of the Zija products that have been discontinued to date and will continue to update this list as products run out. You can also find this list in your Member Back Office. We recently made the decision to add these products to the list:
GenM® Arctic Cool Comfort Cream (SKU# 104201) (we recommend Isagenix CBD Peppermint Oil Blend)
Zija Classic Shaker Bottle (SKU# 152250) (we recommend Isagenix IsaBlender® Max)
GenM Moisturizing All-Natural Body Bar (SKU# 103634)
Améo™ Coriander Seed Oil (15 mL) (SKU# 177228)
Active Life & Fitness Bundle (SKU# 104317)
NOTICE: Ripstix® Recover (Lemon Berry) will be available while supplies last. Then it will be permanently discontinued. But we’re excited to recommend a similar and equally beneficial Isagenix product: AMPED™ BCAA Plus. This product not only helps provide energy during a workout, but it also contains an effective BCAA blend like Ripstix Recover to help support lean muscle and workout recovery.
Morcler Filter Update
NOTICE: We’re running low on our Morclēr Filter Pre-Carbon/Moringa Filter (SKU# 103530), so we’re unable to fulfill wholesale orders at this time. Because we want to continue with as little disruption as possible to Autoship orders, we are committed to fulfilling all existing Autoship orders that contain Pre-Carbon/Moringa Filter.

If you have Pre-Carbon/Moringa Filter on your Autoship, any changes made to your Autoship will automatically remove Pre-Carbon/Moringa Filter from your order. The product will not be available until it is back in stock, which may not be until mid-June.

Please communicate this to your teams. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.
You may have noticed a new tax on some of our products, Xango® Reserve and the Xango Juice 4-pack. This is because these products have been reclassified as dietary supplements (instead of foods), which have a different tax rate.
We love watching you race through the ranks to earn the Crystal Title Achievement Bonus — you make it look so easy! Don’t forget the deadline to reach Crystal Manger is coming up May 27, so don’t stop for a second because your hard work is about to pay off (with a US$250 bonus!).
Wanna be part of the first-ever START MasterClass? START is a community of 18-to-35-year-olds within Isagenix who are committed to igniting young people to own their lives physically and financially. This month, they’re putting on a revolutionary event that’s open to all! Join us Friday, May 29, at 8 p.m. ET on IsagenixLive™ for some incredible tips from top leaders. Our host, Chief Visionary Officer Erik Coover, and START Ambassadors Gabrielle Deane, Natalia Mulieri, and Lloyd Ross and Alisha Fernandez will share their secrets on increasing enrollments and retention.
Have you listened to Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant David T.S. Wood’s new podcast , “The Extra Mile,” yet? We won’t say you’re missing out if you haven’t, but … you are missing your chance to tune in to meaningful conversations about the mindset and habits of some extraordinary leaders. Driven by passion, purpose, and contribution, these visionaries all go the extra mile, leaving our world a more vibrant place.
For the latest and greatest news on all things Zija, you can always visit our leaders page when you click on the Leader Resources button at Isagenix.com/Zija.
The Loyalty Rewards program will be discontinued on June 30th. You can use up to 300 points per period from now until then. On that date, our program will be gone for good, so be sure to use your points before then! To help, we’ve added even more products to the Loyalty Catalog.
As we continue our transition with Isagenix, we’re experiencing growing pains. We’ve been made aware of some shipping issues, which we’re actively trying to resolve. We apologize for any untimeliness and greatly appreciate your understanding! If you have any issues, please call Customer Care and have your order number ready.
Email | Support@ZijaCorp.com | Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. MT, beginning May 11
Phone | 888-924-6872 | Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. MT, beginning May 11
Chat | Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-7 p.m. MT, beginning May 11
Closed weekends
For the latest and greatest news on all things Zija, you can always visit our leaders page when you click on the Leader Resources button at Isagenix.com/Zija

North America Hispanic Market and Puerto Rico
Mildred Muniz

Alfonso Catania

U.S. Pacific (HI, GU, CA, OR, WA, NV)
Kal Elampooranar

U.S. Mountain (ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM)
Mike Mallory

U.S. Central (ND, SD, MN, WI, IL, IA, NE, KS, MO, OK, TX, LA, MS, AL)
Jon Raynes

U.S. Northeast (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, DE, CT, NY, NJ, MD, PA, OH, IN, DC, MI)
Christopher Nish

U.S. Southeast (WV, VA, VI, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL)
Aaron Wengert
LAUNCHED ON 4/13 and Business has been Booming Ever Since! This pack comes with a $100 Product Introduction Bonus and qualifies for a $200 Double PIB!

Learn all about from Product Education Specialist Taylor Malham.

Learn how to share the amazing Isagenix Weight Loss Value Pack from Isagenix 10-Star Platinum, 17-Star Crystal Executive Trudy Maples. She breaks down everything you need to know about this pack and how you can get your Customers started on it right away. Emily Hollingshead joins in as well to let you know how you can get started on sharing as we head toward our full transition to the Isagenix platform.
You will find 3 Live Virtual Events each week to help you build your business. Tune in on Mondays for great Business Training. Bring your friends Tuesday for an Opportunity Event. And on Thursday tune in with your customers and team members for Product Training. You will find the complete list of events and how to join here: https://isagenixbusiness.com/calls/
The world may look a little different this year, but we’d never let that stop us from hosting our flagship event. Celebration is still ON, and we’re inviting you to join us (virtually) in all the fun for our first ever Celebration Live! This event boasts a star-studded lineup of trainers who are prepared to share their insight and experience, transform the way virtual attendees approach business building, and inspire and empower them to bring their businesses to the next level and finish the year strong.
Whether we’re in the same room or joining online, we are always better together.
PowerPlayers.com now has everything in one place. Everything you found in the past on other team sites including MyOwnXFactor.com and GetToZEvents.com are now on PowerPlayers.com. The site is updated several times a week so make sure you spend an afternoon go through the entire site to know what is there and share with your new team members.
Looking for ONE place to find everything you need to know about Isagenix to share with your team members so they can get caught up? It’s at PowerPlayers.com at https://powerplayers.com/isagenix-101/
Tune in each week for our live Saturday Power Training at 10 a PT / 1 pm ET. Register and get all the details and archives of previous calls at https://powerplayers.com/social-saturday-training/
Connect with us on your favorite Social Media Channels. For a complete list of all social media pages and channels go to https://powerplayers.com/social-media-2/
SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/powerplayerstraining
You will find Video Archives of all important events including our Saturday Power Training. You will also find playlists with great training from Zija leaders, Isagenix leaders, and product experts as well as the Isagenix Corporate Team.
Did you know that more than 70 Isagenix Videos and Resources have been added to MyMoringa? If you are not yet a member, start your 30-day free-trial today! Go to www.mymoringa.com for the details.
Chief Legal Officer Justin Powell has shared the following:

For income claims: Make sure the overall context of your recognition communicates to the average viewer how truly rare and exceptional the people you are recognizing are. Their achievements are exceptional, and they should be acknowledged for that. Also, please link to our Earnings Disclosure Statement, which can be found at IsagenixEarnings.com .

For product claims: The easiest guidance is to just stick with what’s on the label or on company-provided marketing materials. Those claims have been reviewed and approved by legal.

In either case, please DON’T make claims (either income claims or product claims) in connection with the coronavirus. Not by name, not by hashtag, and not by implication (e.g., references to “these trying times” and the like can be viewed as the same thing as referring to the global pandemic by name).

Even though we are a wellness company and we do have products that support a healthy immune system, those claims should not be made in relation to any disease, especially COVID-19.

As mentioned previously, we have compliance resources at IsagenixCompliance.com, and we have issued some COVID-19 specific guidance that can be found here:  Newsroom.Isagenix.com/Corporate-Guidance–Reminders.

Take care, and stay safe!
The Isagenix and Zija Corporate Team
Your Xango by Zija 2 Isagenix Power Players Team

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