When is Zija officially transitioning to Isagenix?

July 13! We’re getting close to us finally being one big family!

When does the Zija Back Office Go down?

July 10th @ 11:59 pm MT.

What time on July 13 will I be able to fully transition to Isagenix?

Our systems are scheduled to go live at 12 p.m. ET (9 a.m. AZ time). At this time, all Zija Members will be able to log in to the Isagenix Back Office and confirm their new Isagenix accounts.

What international markets will Isagenix be in after the full transition?

As Zija joins the Isagenix family, we are focusing our efforts on the markets where we have created a tangible impact in order to ensure the long-term success and legacy within our core regions during this important transition. There will be new market opportunities for you through this transition, and more information about how and when you can get started will be shared later this month.

What will happen to my Zija Premium Shipping subscription?

If you’ve enjoyed free shipping through the Zija Premium Shipping program, you will receive access to unlimited standard ground shipping through the IsaDelivery™ program until the end of your Zija Premium Shipping subscription. At that point, you will have to subscribe to the IsaDelivery program if you want to continue receiving unlimited standard ground shipping. For more information on the IsaDelivery program, please click here.

Will the Zija military discount come to Isagenix?

Unfortunately, no. Isagenix is proud to support U.S. veterans but does so primarily through the ISA Foundation. One of the foundation’s grant recipients is Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization that mobilizes veterans to provide volunteers to help communities with disaster recovery. Team Rubicon has been very involved in volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic; they have provided volunteers and transportation to support food banks across the country. We hope to continue supporting such a great organization through our current grant cycle.

Will Isagenix continue the Meal Pack program?

Isagenix will not be continuing the Meal Pack program as part of the ISA Foundation. Isagenix Independent Associates are able to make direct financial donations to the ISA Foundation. Another way to contribute is by purchasing IsaKids® Super Smoothie – for every bag purchased, one meal is donated to provide nutrition to a kid in need.

What will happen to the Zija Miracle Foundation?

The Zija Miracle Foundation initiatives will transition to the ISA Foundation. This felt like the best choice, as the two foundations are similar in their mission to provide healthy, nutritious meals for underserved children. The ISA Foundation also supports wellness education for all and provides aid for those affected by natural disasters.

What is START?

START is a community of 18-35 year olds within Isagenix, and our vision is to ignite all young people to own their lives, physically and financially, and through our contributions, create freedom and a lasting legacy. START connects young people all over the world and is full of the most purpose-driven, life-giving people you will ever meet!

If you are in the START demographic, you can connect with us right away on Facebook. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram @start_yourlife to engage and share with our social community. A great way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to regularly check our “Reminders” highlight on our Instagram!

What will happen to my new enrollments in my holding tank at integration?

Isagenix does not support a holding tank for new enrollments. If you have any new enrollments in your holding tank upon transition, they will automatically be enrolled on your minor leg. If you would like to place these individuals elsewhere on your team, be sure to do so before the final transition date. If you have a preference of which team you want your new enrollments on, you can set your default preferences in your Isagenix Back Office. You can select all new enrollments to automatically enroll in your minor leg, your Left Sales Team, or your Right Sales Team. You can update these preferences in your Back Office at any time you choose. To update your preferences:

  • Log in to your Isagenix Back Office.
  • Click My Account.
  • Find Placement in the Associate Information section, and click Edit.
  • Make your selection, and click Save.

What if I have a Zija AND an Isagenix account before transition?

If you or your spouse have active accounts with both Zija and Isagenix, you may only operate one of your businesses after July 13, 2020. This includes accounts which are not in your name, but you maintain some other form of financial interest. You must notify Support@isagenixcorp.com by July 1, 2020 to inform us which account (either Zija or Isagenix) that you elect to continue to build.

Any Isagenix accounts opened after February 1, 2020 will be treated as unauthorized duplicated accounts and will follow these policies:

  • Zija Members will all be given the opportunity to open an account with Isagenix while maintaining their position in their current Zija organization. If any Zija Member wishes to open a new account with Isagenix, at the bottom of an organization, the Member will be subject to the standard wait out period applicable to all Isagenix Members. If a Zija Member has an account with Zija they must terminate their Zija account and wait six months from the date of their last purchase or commission payment before opening a new Isagenix account. If the Zija Distributor has earned over US$500 in the previous 12 months, this wait-out period is 12 months. Please note this is only for Zija Distributors who elect to instead open new accounts with Isagenix. We encourage all Zija Distributors to maintain their current positions, as this will ultimately get them quicker access to the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan and products.
  • Attempts by Zija Distributors or Isagenix Associates to recruit current Members of either company to wait out and/or reenroll will be treated as unauthorized solicitation and will be addressed through the standard compliance processes.

Upon transition, Isagenix will review and validate all accounts. Any accounts that are discovered of individuals who already had positions, either personally or through some other interest, will be automatically closed.

Will my banked business volume (also known as holding volume) roll over?

Yes, all holding volume will roll over with your account upon transition to Isagenix. However, the Mega-Cycle is only effective for those who transition from Zija starting July 13 onward.

What is the Isagenix Foreign Exchange Policy?

Isagenix has a Foreign Exchange Policy that applies to all Isagenix Independent Associates who have 10% of their collective group volume generating from a country outside of their home country. For more information on this policy, please click here.

Is the Isagenix payout schedule different than Zija’s? When will I receive my commissions after transition?

Isagenix pays out commissions each Monday the week following the pay period. As an example, commissions for the week ending on Sunday, June 7, would be paid out the following week on Monday, June 15.

What is the Isagenix commission schedule?

Isagenix commissions calculate daily and pay weekly one week in arrears. The standard commission week is Monday through Sunday from 12:01 a.m.-11:59 p.m.

When will I receive my first Isagenix commission and my IsaWallet card?

Prepaid IsaWallet cards will automatically be mailed to U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico Members upon first Isagenix IsaWallet payment. Cards generally arrive within two weeks. The first commissions payments with Isagenix will be for July 13-19 and will be paid on July 27, 2020.

Please note that Isagenix does not have access to Isagenix Independent Associates’ IsaWallet accounts and cannot view their balances or reissue lost cards. For help, please contact IsaWallet via phone at 855.805.5037 or via email at Support@IsaWallet.com or visit IsaWallet.com.

What methods of payment can I use to receive my Isagenix commissions?

Isagenix utilizes different methods than Zija to pay out commissions. For a comprehensive list of what payout methods Isagenix uses in each market, click here.

When will ProPay be deactivated for Zija Members?

ProPay commissions that have already been paid will stay with ProPay for an indefinite amount of time. They will not transfer to IsaWallet®. Therefore, we encourage Members to cash out their ProPay accounts.

Where can I find information on the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan?

You can learn more about the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan at IsagenixBusiness.com.

What if I make less with Isagenix than I was making with Zija?

We are committed to ensuring that every Distributor who transitions from Zija has adequate opportunity to reach the same ranking and earnings with Isagenix as they earned with Zija. Because we understand it will take time to adjust to a whole new Compensation Plan, we’re happy to offer the Isagenix Income Assistance Program to those Zija Distributors who qualify.

How can I maintain my active status as an Isagenix Associate?

Isagenix has an activity requirement of 100 PV in the last 30 days. One point of PV is earned for each point of BV from purchasing products (for personal consumption or for resale to Retail Customers) or by sales to Retail Direct Customers through your Isagenix personal website. What’s BV? What Zija refers to as personal volume, Isagenix calls business volume. The concept is the same, but some product values will be different.

How will my 2020 tax forms be distributed for Zija earnings?

Your tax forms for Zija earnings will be available electronically in your Back Office when you complete the Pathway to Isagenix.

I rank advanced to a new Crystal title post-integration. Why is my new title not reflected in my Back Office?

Congratulations on your achievement! Isagenix updates Crystal titles once a week each Thursday. If your Crystal rank is not updated the following Thursday after you achieve a new rank, please contact Support@IsagenixCorp.com. For information on Crystal Rank Advancement Bonuses for Zija Distributors, click here for U.S. and click here for Canada.

What will happen to my position on my sponsorship tree?

All Zija sponsorship trees will remain intact during the transition to Isagenix, meaning your position within your teams will remain the same as an Isagenix Associate.

Will Leadership Bonuses be paid out before transition?

Yes, Leadership Bonuses will be paid out at the end of Cycle 3 of Period 155 as part of your regular commissions check. We’ve made some adjustments due to the timing of the Zija transition. Bonuses will be paid on three weeks, sponsor tree volume has been lowered to 10,000, and you must have been paid one of the four weeks to qualify.

Will Lifestyle Bonuses be paid out before transition?

Yes, Lifestyle Bonuses will be paid out at the end of Cycle 3 of Period 155 as part of your regular commissions check. Because the timing of this period end coincides with the Zija transition to Isagenix, backdating will not be available on Monday, July 13. Please make sure to plan accordingly.

Can I qualify P20 or E40 in the month of July?

Unfortunately, no. The P20/E40 programs, along with the 3&Free program, ended after Period 154 (June 19, 2020). This means that Zija Distributors will not be able to qualify for these titles or bonuses in the period before transition.

How do I ensure I receive all my international business volume after transition?

As part of the Isagenix transition, you will be given a one-year free International Sponsorship (a US$49 value) from July 13, 2020-July 13, 2021. Be sure to take advantage of it! Learn about our International Sponsorship and what products are in each market. Your International Sponsorship will not automatically renew unless you opt in to auto renewal through your Back Office.

Where can I find information on all Isagenix products?

To learn more about Isagenix products and how to share them, click here.

Which Zija products are being discontinued?

You can find the full list of discontinued Zija products here.

Why did you select certain Zija products to join the Isagenix product line?

When determining which products to bring over to Isagenix, we looked at which were the most popular and which accounted for the majority of sales from Zija.

Will PV change on products as we transition to Isagenix?

Because of the difference in price structure and compensation plans, Zija Members can expect to see a PV difference on Zija products as they are brought over to Isagenix. To view all the PV changes made, click here.

Do I have to update my payment method after I complete the Pathway to Isagenix?

Yes, we highly recommend you update your payment method after you have access to your Isagenix account. If you previously paid with anything other than a credit card, then you will need to add a valid payment method to your account. For a comprehensive list of what payment methods Isagenix accepts, click here.

Does Isagenix have anything similar to the Zija Loyalty Rewards Program where I can earn free product?

Isagenix does not have a loyalty rewards program at this time. However, we do have several incentives, promotions, and contests where Associates and Customers can earn free products. You can learn more about earning free product through promotions and recognition. Also check out the Path with Purpose program for more ways to earn product and swag.

Will I be able to purchase Zija product in bulk?

Yes, Isagenix allows Associates and Customers to purchase product in bulk. You’ll have this capability when you transition to Isagenix.

When will Isagenix Associates and Customers be able to order Zija products?

Isagenix Associates and Customers will be able to order Zija products after the official transition date of July 13.

Who do I ask if I have questions about product nutrition?

You have several resources if you have questions about product nutrition. You can visit IsagenixHealth.net and submit questions to ACTION, the Isagenix Research and Science team. You can also contact Customer Care for immediate questions. Pro tip: Follow us on social media for product tips, tricks, and fun recipes!

Where can I find a list of Zija products and comparable Isagenix products?

There are many Isagenix products that we’re excited for you to try! For a comprehensive list of Zija products and comparable Isagenix products, click here.

What if I have a Zija bundle on my Autoship? What products will I receive?

In order to keep Zija bundles available to you for as long as possible, some Zija products were swapped out with comparable Isagenix products where applicable. If you have a Zija bundle on your Autoship, you will continue to receive the individual items in that bundle a la carte (without bundle pricing) after transition. Any Zija product that was part of a bundle but is no longer available after transition will automatically be removed from your Autoship.

When will I get access to the Isagenix apps?

When you’ve transitioned to Isagenix, you’ll have an Isagenix username and password that you can use to log in to the IsaLife™ app. As a current Zija Distributor, you have access to a version of Isagenix Business app. You will gain full access when you transition to Isagenix.

Note: The IsaLife app is only available in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium. The Isagenix Business app is only available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

How do I log in to the Isagenix Back Office?

You’ll be able to log in to the Associate Back Office after the official transition date. Your Zija username and password will carry over for your initial login. Afterward, you’ll create a new username and password that you will use to log in to your account.

Will I be able to access the Zija Member Back Office after integration?

After the official transition, you’ll be able to access your Zija Member Back Office. However, you will have read-only access. The Zija Member Back Office will not be available after July 31, 2020.

Will I keep my current Zija ID, username, password, and replicated website?

You will keep your username and password on your initial login. When you complete the Pathway to Isagenix, you will be assigned a new Isagenix Member ID and will need to create a new password. Your current Zija replicated website will automatically redirect to your new Isagenix replicated website when you complete the Pathway to Isagenix.