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Training for 4/10/21

Penny App Training

Lucas Simon
Senior Manager of Product Success at Penny

Lucas has trained tens of thousands of people from 1:1 training in retail locations, to guiding hundreds of participants in online digital learning conferences. Lucas believes that the latest technology can benefit everyone’s life with the right training. 

Lucas will be a combinations of two special trainings, “Meet Penny” and “Penny Basics”. This is a high level 10 minute presentation followed by 45-50 minute demo of the website as well as mobile app.

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About Lucas…
Lucas is a storyteller who is passionate about continuous learning.  With over 20 years as a training and performance coach for companies like Apple and Rogers, Lucas is known for elevating the standard of adult learning training. Proactive, responsive and intuitive, he tailors each development session to the needs of his clients. Lucas’ preparation and captivating delivery, ensures that participants leave his sessions confident and excited about using the new piece of technology.

About Penny…
Simple, repeatable, duplicatable and scalable, Penny is the AI-powered virtual assistant taking direct sales consultants’ businesses to the next level. Penny is built for the consultant, designed to streamline sales processes, while still providing an excellent customer experience. 
Using AI technology, Penny makes sales efforts smarter as she identifies and prioritizes leads and prospects. With Penny, connecting with customers is easier and faster than ever. 
Penny strengthens customer relationships using data, machine learning and automation algorithms to create sales processes that inspire action, build momentum and generate a professional reputation for consultants.
With Penny, every day is a big day. 

Penny App Resource Center

Isagenix Back Office Training

Isagenix Back Office 2.0 launching April 26th. Jacki Palmer will be our special guest trainer on next month’s Super Saturday on our new back office which is mobile, smarter, and has more data, tools, and resources to help you take your new customer on a journey to experience all that Isagenix has to offer.

Leader in Action

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