Crystal Consultant Update

You may have thought the Crystal Consultant promotion was set to end July 25th, 2021, but, rather than let it expire, we decided to extend it—with a slight little tweak. The time frame to qualify for this bonus has changed from 30 days to 7 days. We’ve learned Associates that drive to Consultant in the first 7 days have a greater success story and longevity with Isagenix!

Calm Your Chaos

Ready to explode your business with the all-new Adaptogen Elixir? The toolkit featuring all the benefits of this blissful, bubbly drink is now available!

Lettuce Turn Up the Beet

Our new Greens enhanced formula is here and it’s better than ever. One scoop = 2 veggie servings! Available now in canisters.

Be the Best Version of You

Celebration is only days away! Tune in July 30-31 for new product launches, exclusive training, and so much more. Fire up your teams to attend! 

Make Your Own Momentum

Take your post-Celebration glow and dive into Grow Week Aug. 2-7. Find new ways to be a driving force with new speakers and topics each day.

Attract Abundance

See it, want it, work for it. 6-Star Golden Circle and above Executives can now qualify to earn up to US$30,000 monthly through Dec. 26, 2021.

Give Better, Do Better 

July 28-Aug. 14  

Give $500 – Get an early order of the next Limited-Edition shake!  

Give $5,000 – Get products, and unique global creations!


Video Update 7/26/21

Video Update 7/19/21