Special Penny Training SS 4/10

Don’t miss this month’s Super Saturday training. We have a lot of great stuff in store for you.

  • Isagenix Back Office
  • Leader in Action
  • Qualifying for Bonus Pools, Promotions, and GTA
  • Customer 2 Associate 2 Consultant 2 Manager in 30 Days!
  • Penny

This month we have a special training on Penny, and our special guest trainer is, Lucas Simon, Senior Manager of Product Success at Penny.

Lucas has trained tens of thousands of people from 1:1 training in retail locations, to guiding hundreds of participants in online digital learning conferences. Lucas believes that the latest technology can benefit everyone’s life with the right training. 

Lucas will be a combinations of two special trainings, “Meet Penny” and “Penny Basics”. This is a high level 10 minute presentation followed by 45-50 minute demo of the website as well as mobile app.

Please fill out this form for Penny so they will know who attended this training and be able to follow up with each member personally.


This is a special Penny training for our team from the master himself. So register now, get the word out to your team, and let’s crank this up!


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