Welcome to Zija International and to our Xango by Zija Family. We want your experience to be the best possible. The purpose of our site is to help you make more money, with less time, as fast as possible.

First Things First

CBD is HOT! It is projected to grow from the current market of less than $1 Billion, to $22 Billion by 2022! This gives us an opportunity to be part of a massive growth trend that will allow us to build a massive business in just a couple of years. Here is a page with everything you need to know about CBD, the Zija Entune CBD Product, and How to Build a Business with CBD.


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Getting Started

Zija is a world wide business currently in more than 50 countries. But not everyone has our Entune CBD Squares. But every market has Supermix, our Moringa product with more than 90 nutrients that started the Natural Health Revolution. Make sure you learn the good, better, and best ways to get started in Zija whether your focus is Entune or our Basic 30 System, which has a 30 day supply of products that nourish, cleanse, fortify, rebuild, and energize the body.

It matters how you start your business. Make sure you understand the good, better, and best ways to get started in Zija to maximize your efforts.

Making Money

Watch the Fast Start Commissions and Team Commissions Videos to learn how to get your business started. Watch the detailed compensation plan training within your first 30 days.


There are a lot of great resources to help you build your Zija business. Download and print the Zija business presentation, compensation plan, product catalogue and price list, and details on our current promotions.